Building Bridges to Happiness


The Choice to Change

There seem to be few couples today able to go through life without making major changes in their location, their career field, or even how large a family they might have. Life for both of them can be difficult if changes are forced on them. The chaos of doing everything differently than planned can take a relationship off the track, but the choice to change can bring happiness to the pair.

Living in an area often depends upon where people grew up the what they see as valuable. One couple might feel the amenities of city life are more important than the quiet of the countryside, so they choose to marry and raise their children there. It might have seemed like a good idea when they began their future together, but it could become untenable due to the noise and crowding. Choosing to move to a suburb or even the countryside could be a desired change for both of them after a few years.

Making the choice to set out on a new career path will affect both people, but it can be a time when their happiness grows. One person might find their partner unilaterally opting to move across the globe and resent it. If they make the decision together, they could find exploring a new culture as a team draws them closer. The choice to change made by both of them is what fuels their happiness.

Life decisions made when a couple first set out on their lifetime journey may wear well over the decades, but there could also be times when their dreams are not what they had hoped. Being able to admit to each other that they need changes could be difficult, but it could be the best way to move ahead to that far future of their happiest dreams.