Building Bridges to Happiness


Expressing Relationship Needs

The emotional turmoil that can happen between two people may be amazing, yet even a small disagreement can become a mountain to climb. Expression relationship needs can often turn into a contest of wills, and it is generally due to the fact one person feels resentful and the other feels guilty. Learning how to communicate new needs without the angst of regret, guilt, or even an argument takes practice. Successfully doing it can lead to greater happiness for both partners.

The truth is that a long term commitment will experience major changes as the partners travel together into their future. They may choose to move for a career, and it could be stressful to the person who has to find a new job in a different community. Their partner should not feel guilty if their move was mutually agreed, so finding ways to communicate about it can be tricky. The couple will need to develop new ways to communicate if they want to continue their partnership without building animosity into it. A professional counsellor could help them, or they could simply realize that major changes wreak havoc, and they need to be addressed.