Building Bridges to Happiness


Some Major Life Changes

There are plenty of couples who agree they want to make a long term commitment and start their own family. It has long been the goal of marriage to do that, but major life changes can sideswipe couples. They could find that happiness with children is not what they thought it would be, or the overwhelming needs of a family could derail their relationship. Learning to identify and discuss these issues could help keep them together.

It is often difficult for people to admit they have bitten off far more than they can chew, but doing it can lead to situational relief. A parent remaining at home with an infant needs to admit it is not easy. Their partner may be able to give them a few hours break every other day to keep their sanity, or they could come up with a solution that offers the same results. Talking about it can be very helpful when a solution is needed.

What makes a person happy can change over the years, and this is another place where couples can build a solid bridge to their future. While they might have both believed they wanted a large family when they started out, the reality could be that one or two children is more than enough for both of them. The needs of a child can seem endless at times, and the expenses do add up over the years. Admitting half a dozen small bodies running around the house is going to be too much for the adults could save their relationship.

Couples may have difficulty communicating when they find their solid dreams together have failed in the light of reality. Being able to discuss it takes courage, but that can be the best way to keep their relationship from falling into the past.