Building Bridges to Happiness


Creating Time to Talk

The chaos of modern life can keep two people from being able to share meaningful time with each other. Their life may devolve into a series of necessary but empty habits that get them through the week, but they have little to share on a personal level. Trying to cram everything into one night of dating per week is not always possible, so creating time to talk on a regular basis is important. The couple may not have a lot of time, but cherishing it can help keep their bridges from collapsing.

The time the couple spends talking is less important than being able to carve it out on a regular basis. Some may find they have time each morning for a few minutes to chat before the children wake up, and others could consider a few moments after their kids are asleep to be the best time. It matters little as long as they choose to exercise their talking together on a regular basis.

Moving through life at the speed of light is often how modern couples feel, so slowing down to sit and chat may seem to be impossible. It can be difficult to accomplish, but doing it just a few minutes a day is a necessity to keep in touch with each other. They are not building bonds at this point, yet they are keeping them from dissolving. That is why it matters so much to continue to talk on a regular basis.

There will be times when the time they have set aside may be interrupted, but that fact the two of them at least tried to talk is part of what can keep their relationship healthy. They may have to eventually change their time as their children grow or their careers interfere with their personal life, but making that adjustment may lead to a happier life as a couple.